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Global Device Week 2021
Global Device Week was first launched in 2018 by the China Service Alliance of Medical Devices Innovation and its partners. It aims to gather the world's innovative talents, projects, products and resources at one location, to promote international innovation and cooperation, to speed up the achievements of medical apparatus and instruments research, to create a new environment for medical device innovation, and to creatively develop the medical device industry of China.

  In line with the market demand and strong appeal from enterprises, Global Device Week 2020 will continue the theme of the previous year, and the China Medical Devices Design and Startups Competition 2021(CMDDEC) will be held with support from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the China National Center for Biotechnology Development, supported by three key forums – DeviceChina2021: China Medical Device Summit Forum, China Medical Innovation Forum 2021 (CMIF) and China Medical Device Transformation Medicine and Innovation Service Forum 2021 (TMIS) , and nearly 15 sub-sessions on professional topics will be held concurrently. The event will be a display of sheer brilliance.
2021.09.09-11,We look forward to meeting you in Suzhou!
Forum and events arrangement will post updates regularly, please check back often!
For more details, please MFC official WeChat account (ID: medical-fair-china), or visit the GDW official website: http://www.cmddec.cn/